Company Profile

Shenzhen Topvision Technology Co., Ltd. (TVOP) is engaged in providing high quality tempered glass screen protector for smartphones and tablets since the establishment on May 5th, 2013, with its OEM service widely offered in Greater China and Japan. The corollary of founder's perspectiveness of mobile internet and the fortuitous result of collision of ideas by the other two cofounders brings the establishment of TVOP. With the release of iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPad 2 and Smart Cover, Apple Inc. has lead the mobile internet industry to a new height. Meanwhile the accessory market is becoming more prosperous than ever and TVOP is established in this era by its featured product Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

With the rapid development of humanity culture and science technology (AI, mobile internet, bioscience, new energy resources and space exploration) in the twenty-first century, the science and technology will keep leading humanity to a better civilization. Based on the acceptance of "Great Companies made by trends", TVOP will keep up the pace with the new trends in the future.

  • 2015
    TVOP's B2C business started on
  • 2016
    Our brand "TOPVISION" is registered world widely and B2C business had expanded to and
  • 2017
    We will keep exploring and innovating, try to make great breakthrough in OEM intellectual property products.
Founder/CEO: Peng Wen (Victor)
Cofounder: Jiahe Li (Bory), founder of WSKEN and cofounder of Benks.
Cofounder: Guanhua Chen, founder of Dongguan Guanhe Optical Glass Co., Ltd., Dong Guan Yi Dong Printing Co., Ltd. and Fujian 3D Optical Glass Co., Ltd.
Development History

Establish on May 5th, 2013.
Released the first piece of 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector in the world.


Promoted and popularized tempered glass screen protector on and Global Sources Fair in H.K..
Released the very first 0.33mm, 0.25mm and 0.15mm with 2.5D rounded edge tempered glass screen protector in the same year.


Released 0.33mm Curved Edge Glass Screen Protector especially for curved screen of iPhone 6/6 Plus and Sapphire Glass Screen protector.
Developed different types of functional tempered glass screen protectors such as Anti-Blue Light, Anti-Spy and Anti-Glare.
Q4, started B2C business on and then registered brand 'TOPVISION' world widely.


Released 0.25mm Curved Edge Glass Screen Protector and expanded business to and


Just released Anti-Bacterial Tempered Glass Screen Protector and new technology of Curved Edge Glass Screen Protector. We will keep leading the innovation in our industry globally in thickness, edge treatment, producing process, surface treatment and multiple functions.

Corporation Culture
  • Our vision: To become a well-known brand and company with corporate social responsibility in Shenzhen within 10 years.
  • Our mission: To make every TOPVISION customer happy and satisfied.
  • Our management philosophy: Keep employees and products developing continuously.
  • Business philosophy: Customer comes first.
  • Our value: studious, responsible, open and innovative.